1. Specialization.

Light Industrial is what we do . . . all day, every day!  Focused discipline producing a superior result.

Our focus is creating a community of like-minded individuals and empowering LaunchNW employees and customers to succeed in the most efficient and effective way possible. In a world where many staffing companies promise to be all things to everyone, LaunchNW has the discipline to only say yes to those we can provide maximum value.

LaunchNW Employees Come First

2. Employees come first.

Employees are the most important aspect of LaunchNW.  This will always be our priority.

LaunchNW wants every employee to know they are a part of our family.  We want every employee to know they are valued, appreciated, and celebrated.  Without excellent employees, our business will not thrive.  We have created an inspiring culture, we have generous incentives, a thriving social media platform, and we seek company relationships that share our views.  Launch NW is truly grateful you have chosen to work with us! 

You are one of us at LaunchNW!3. You are one of us.

We have worked every job we ask our employees to do.

Our founders have washed log trucks, worked on fishing boats, dug ditches and served in the Armed Forces. We are blue collar people who believe in the value of work and community. It is our pledge to have worked every job we are placing people in. We want to know what it is like to perform the duties we assign. LaunchNW will work with every customer we have to know the positions we hire for inside and out.

At LaunchNW all work is honorable!!

Our core values.

Work Ethic The principle that hard work is intrinsically virtuous and worthy of reward.

Safety First Safety training and awareness with the goal of zero accidents and injuries.

Respect Due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights and traditions of others.

Our work ethic fosters the pursuit of excellence. Safety first in everything we do.
We respect the rights, differences and dignity of all.

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