How to Showcase Your Light Industrial Experience

Posted on February 3, 2020

If you’ve worked on the production of consumer goods such as electronics or clothing, you’ve gained light industrial experience. This industry is more labor-intensive and tends to produce smaller products, in contrast to heavy industrial work that involves large machinery and equipment.

It may be challenging to translate your manufacturing or warehouse experience in an interview, but you can make it work to your advantage.

How do you use your light industrial experience to answer situational interview questions?

Focus on your skills and applying those to many different job types.

Communication and Teamwork

The factory or warehouse environment might bring to mind the assembly line, a system that seems to run by itself. But light industrial workers know the reality. It’s the workers who run the operations, and it takes excellent communication skills and teamwork to keep things running smoothly.

Before your interview, think about the importance of good communication and strong teamwork in any workplace. Be ready with examples of the role you played in an effective chain of communication, as well as how you contributed to a team.

Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

It’s often the employees on the front line who spot a potential product issue. These employees are also in the best position to determine points of weakness and potential for improvement in processes.

Being able to think critically and solve problems on the job is a skill set any employer would desire. In a light industrial setting, these skills are also key to employee safety.

Be prepared for your interview with a mental list of times when you used your critical thinking and problem-solving skills at work.

Ability to Use Technology

While light industrial work doesn’t typically require the use of heavy machinery, technology plays a key role. Employees must be trained to understand and operate machinery and to use other types of technology, such as computers. They must also be able to adapt, as technology changes.

List the types of technology you’ve used on the job, as well as any instances when you had to learn a new system or machinery quickly. As technology becomes an essential part of more and more professions, you’ll find yourself with a distinct advantage.

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